Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Have you ever wanted to just run away?

Spring Field

I'm having a day like that today. I just want to pack a few things and go. No roofs to worry about - no fixing or mending to be done. Nothing to do except what I want to do!
But I would be like Steve Martin in that movie, "The Jerk". He was going to leave and he said he would just go and not take anything with him. Then he kept moving about the house and picking things up and saying, "I don't need anything to take anything except THIS. I'm going and I don't need anything except THIS." And pretty soon he had his hands full with all the things he needed to take with him. The one thing I remember is he wanted to take his THERMOS. So funny. It makes me feel better now, just thinking about it. Sometimes when I get really down, I say to my husband, "I'm going to leave - I mean it - I'm going to leave and I won't take anything with me except my thermos!". Then we start laughing and it makes everything seem better - a little lighter, a little brighter. And, after all, tomorrow is always better.