Wednesday, March 2, 2011


"Tiny Dancer"

Last year, our Minister talked about how he felt when his son said to him, unexpectedly, “I appreciate you.” He became overwhelmed as he spoke about this.

I understood exactly how he felt. Those three words helped shape my life. They were spoken to me frequently by a man at the church I attended when I was young. When I think back to my childhood, Brother Jordan was the only person who ever expressed appreciation at anything I did. I think now, he did not realize the impact of what he was saying. He would come into church and shake everyone’s hand, saying, “I appreciate you”. It was kind of his way of saying “hello”.

I did not realize the impact those words had on me until I was a grown woman. I don’t remember much about being a child except always having to work and being reprimanded for not doing enough. There were never any rewards - only expectations.

I went back to that little church a couple of years after I got married and Brother Jordan was there. He had not seen me in a very long time, but when he shook my hand, he said, “I appreciate you.” I didn’t realize how much I had missed hearing it.

Today, more than any sermon I ever heard, I can still hear those words - clearly. I think they are written on my heart. They have become part of who I am. Although I didn't realize it at the time, it made me feel that I was special and that I had something important to offer.

During my career at the “corporation”, I sometimes said "I appreciate you" to co-workers. I could always see what a difference that little phrase made. I regret that I now feel I never said it enough.

Today, someone very special in my life said these words to me again. A flood of memories came over me and I silently thanked my God for always sending me a Blessing and for giving me Strength, just when I need it.

“I appreciate you” is a phrase that has the ability to transform. Try these words out as soon as you can.

Watch what happens!

Love and Blessings!