Friday, July 22, 2011

No Ordinary Monster...

NO - Grief is never kind.
It doesn't go away one day
and allow you to say, "That's the end of that."
It goes and returns
but mostly returns -
over and over.
It comes in unexpected ways.
Some insignificant thing can happen
and a torrent of wretchedness will rush in
and almost knock you down
and cause you to look back
to see if anyone saw you stumble.

Sometimes you get stuck in looking back...

This is no ordinary monster
that goes away at sunrise.
It does not hide in the shadows
but always stands beside you -
boldly ready to grab you and shake you
just when
you feel you are getting your life back together.
It makes you think you do not deserve to be happy
but should wear the hot wet blanket of sorrow
for the rest of your life.
You look for excuses not to be happy and realize you are trying
to please this thing that controls you - this unseen something
that doesn't even have the right name.
Grief is too brief a word
for what this demon does to you
and causes you to do.