Monday, February 17, 2014

Choices and Rules....

"My Flowers" - by Majo

Yesterday, I came out of Macy’s to hear a young mom ask a 
two-ish-year-old two questions:

1.  “Do you want to put on your hat?”  
(It was the kind of weather that requires a child to wear a hat)

2.  “Can you be calm?”
(The child seemed to be behaving very nicely.)

Funny – when I was a kid, I did not realize that I had an OPTION to (A) be calm, or to (B) act like a heathen.

The one thing I would wish for today’s young parents is that you would behave like a PARENT and not like you have to be your child’s best friend.  I think the best friend part is a given – you are required to be always be there for your child.  But being a good parent is different and carries a lot more responsibility.  There are rules you have to explain and enforce - whether you want to or not.   

I am speaking this on the authority of the Bible.  Dad and Mom are required to be in charge of their household.

In some things you don’t teach a CHOICE.  You teach the RULES.  You are responsible for teaching your child what is expected and what is necessary to get along in this society.

I realize that small ones are sometimes going to have melt-downs.  Children do that.  But if they are doing it a lot, ask yourself:  By giving them choices instead of rules, are YOU causing most of the melt-downs?