Thursday, August 9, 2007

Coca Cola Doesn't Taste The Way It Used To...

Lollybump Bridge

Do you remember how Coca Cola tasted when you were a kid?

We never had drinks or snacks at my house when I was a child. To get a taste of Coca Cola was something just short of a miracle. As I type, I close my eyes and inhale, and I can almost get the sensation - the cold hot burn of icy Coke rushing past my startled tonsils and down my throat. Almost a sin, it was so good.

Try as I might, I have been unable to find a Coke that tastes just that way. I switched to Pepsi. Nothing. I drink a lot of carbonated beverages now. I think it is just a habit - I'm trying to recapture the sensation of that first taste...

I drove past my childhood home a few months ago. It looked so small. The long driveway that I used to run down barefoot, all year round, was just a pitiful winding long streak of dirt. I used to think it took forever to get to the mailbox.

My paintings come from my memories. No matter what the subject, there is a tiny piece of a memory or those I have loved tucked away inside the strokes. But I cannot capture it just the way it was...

Blessings to You and Those You Love!