Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How Far is Heaven?

"How Far is Heaven?"

The title of this painting is that of one of the first songs I remember hearing. I was a child, sitting in my little red and white up-holstered rocking chair. Beside me, on a table, was an old record player. I was mesmerized, watching the needle gently wave back and forth on the record. A woman was singing a very sad song. It seems that a little girl's Daddy had disappeared and her Mother told her he had gone to Heaven. An older woman sang the story part and, for the chorus, a little girl's voice would break in and ask the question, "How Far is Heaven?". When the song ended, I would get up get up from my little chair, and, standing on tiptoe, place the needle back at the beginning and listen again - and again - and again. That was probably the richest I will ever be.
This original acrylic miniature painting - 2.5 x 3.5 inches - is for that precious memory.