Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just wanted you to know that I am feeling completely bona-fide!

The proof is in the flour.

I am now making biscuits on a regular basis and they are stomp-down GOOD.

A friend from the South read my whiny blog and sent me a bag of White Lily Self-Rising Flour via priority post. She paid $10.95 to mail a $2.00 bag of flour. Lord-have-mercy! Thanks, Melinda!

I couldn't make it down South during the holidays, but I was able to find White Lily Self-Rising Flour when I went to Illinois for Thanksgiving. I brought back 15 pounds of the good stuff! Although I haven't quite used up one of the 5 pound bags, I have certainly gained more than 5 pounds!

Do THAT arithmetic, will you?

The best recipe for biscuits is the one on the back of the White Lily Self-Rising Flour Bag. I use solid chilled shortening instead of butter. Always use buttermilk! Also, I use my hands to roll out the biscuits - the old-fashioned way. No kneading or biscuit cutters involved!

Happy Biscuits!