Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Used to Play the Piano...

"Barn at the Old Homeplace"

I used to play the piano.

I was the church "piano-player" for most of my teen-aged years. One time I heard a preacher tell my Daddy that it looked like God was moving my fingers across the keyboard. That stuck with me because I really didn’t know how I could play the piano so well – I couldn’t explain it. (I hated taking piano lessons.) But people would come to our church from miles around to hear my piano playing. I ran away and got married when I was very young and was unable to touch a piano again for many many years. I was looking at some of my paintings today and I noticed the fence posts in this one called “Barn at the Old Homeplace”. The posts reminded me of dilapidated piano keys and my rusted talent…

Over 30 years after I lost my musical talent, I picked up a paintbrush. I have never had an art lesson and don’t know how some of the paintings “happen”. When I say that I like to load up my brush and see what comes out, it’s just true! So, it seems that my painting is like my piano playing used to be – sometimes I don’t understand where it comes from. My art is rather primitive and mostly from my childhood memories. I will remember something that happened during my childhood and have the urge to get out the paints! Many people do not care for my style, but sometimes a piece will "speak" to someone, as is the way with art, and I make a connection.

Usually, the first time I paint something, like a tree, it is the best one. Practice doesn’t make perfect for me. The first time is usually the best. The first tree I painted was a good one. The tree I painted last night went into the garbage.

Use your talents wisely, whether learned or God-given.

Blessings to All!