Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Dream I Had...

A few years ago, my beautiful horse, DREAM, had to be turned out to a retirement pasture because of a mistake.

The mistake was turning Dream over to a so-called "Horse Trainer" named Jason Stahl who was a trainer in the area of Edgerton, Kansas.

NEVER trust your horse to someone who has a temper.  I spotted this in the beginning, but was too naive, at the time, to take control and remove my horse from the "training program" of Jason Stahl.

I live in regret every single day.  I think of all the wonderful times I could have had with my horse. 

I had spent many hours with Dream, earning his trust, and I believe, if I had not given this horse over to this "trainer", I would have been able to ride him by myself without the assistance of a smart-aleck scam artist.

May God forgive Jason Stahl for the damage he did to my beautiful horse.  My Dream was shattered.  

I miss you, Dream!