Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's Raining...

It's raining. A slow sleepy dripping on the roof that makes me want to go back to bed - but it's 2:30pm and I feel obligated to be productive. My current goal is to paint the livingroom. I moved a bookcase out of the livingroom last night - into the back bedroom. Books are stacked on the floor. One picture is down. One chair askew. The livingroom begs me to paint it, yet I balk. I have been totally unproductive since Christmas. I want to blame it on the long road trip I took, but I know I can't. Something holds me back. I have always despised laziness but it has occurred to me that maybe I am just being lazy.
We'll see about that. I'll let you know how the paint job comes out...
Blessings for a happy day!

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