Thursday, January 22, 2015



            It was the night of that big thunderstorm last week.  A few of the faithful were gathered around the table in the office at the First Baptist Church of the Redeemed, fixin' to discuss church business. 
            Brother Henry Willenbrink heard somebody beating on the office door and he got up to see what was going on.  He came back in a minute and asked Sister Wylene Jones if there were any diapers in the church pantry. He said some lady was standing out there in the rain with a baby needing some diapers.
            “No,” Sister Wylene said, “and there’s a reason we don’t have any diapers.  Diapers come in all sizes.”
             Sister Wylene is one of those mean Christians.  You know, the kind who knows they are not supposed to sin, but they want to.  People like that get all scrunched up and ugly-looking.
            Brother Willenbrink didn’t say anything.  It never does any good to say anything to Sister Wylene.  Brother Willenbrink took a ten out of his billfold and went back out there. 
            I looked over at Sister Wylene and she had her nose all turned up in the air.  I thought about telling her if she was to walk outside in the rain, she might drown.  But I didn’t.  Then I thought about telling her the day was coming when she was going to be needin’ some diapers.  But I didn’t.  Then I thought about quotin’ that scripture in Matthew, Chapter 25, where it talks about “the least of these”.  But I didn’t.  It never does any good to say anything to Sister Wylene.
            The church business meeting started, but somebody made a motion to adjourn early because of the storm that was coming.  So we did.

Reported by
Sister Saxon

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