Monday, February 26, 2018


Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! I have seen the light! 

I was in error while trying to make a point that is related to my severely challenged way of thinking. Thinking such as this: 
It would be a Bigger Better Blessing to give a family in need a week's worth of groceries than to pay for one meal for a person who has everything.  You know, the way people do in restaurants now.  They will select someone or a whole family who is eating at the restaurant and pay for their meal.  Key point – someone who is already at the restaurant, thereby being someone who can afford to pay for their meal.

SO, I suggested this awful thing - maybe it would be better to give a family who is having a hard time a whole week’s worth of food rather than paying for a family’s meal in a nice restaurant.

Then, thank goodness, someone pointed out to me the error in my thinking:
“Those people” don’t make good use of what is given to them.  “Those people” will just use what you give them to buy drugs or alcohol.

What in this world has gotten into me?

I must stop looking at the mattresses of homeless people underneath the interstates.  I will turn the other way when someone asks me for spare change.  When I go to the VA Hospital, I won’t look at their faces.


(Take notes – you don’t want to wind up like me.)

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