Saturday, April 21, 2018


SO…I’m flipping channels this morning and landed on THE First Baptist.  The Youth Minister got up to lead the prayer.  In clear view, a choir member, right behind him, dressed in her angelic robe, leaned over to the lady beside her and whispered, frowny face and all, “He’s got on JEANS..." with an ugly little shake of her head.  (Oh - I wish I could show that clip to her.)  I hope she doesn't freeze that way some day.

All of television land saw his jeans, your highness.  We also saw what you said.  When the preacher does the next altar call, maybe you should hit it.  And lower your nose…if it is raining when church lets out, you’re gonna drown.

Intolerance and hatefulness has got to stop.  You know where I always see it most?


Lawd, I wonder what it’s gonna take….

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